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Great news! Based on your answers on glasses/contacts/readers, astigmatism, quality of night vision, and age 15-44, here are the top three LASIK and modern vision correction procedures you will likely benefit from:

  1. EVO ICL – permanent contact lenses. This technology can stay in your eye for life, but can also be removed or updated to meet changing vision needs.
  2. SBK – advanced LASIK. Our surgeon uses some of the most precise lasers in the world customize the best laser surgery for your eyes.
  3. SMILE – small incision laser vision correction. Patients love this flapless procedure because they can return with clear vision to all of their activities the next day, including swimming.

You may also qualify for additional LASIK alternatives:

  • PRK – this laser procedure has been used since 1988. Its results are excellent, however where our other procedures are comfortable, PRK is not.

To be sure, we need to see you in person for a Tersigni Vision Advance Ocular Analysis (TVAOA). Before you go, use the form below to reserve your TVAOA appointment online – it only takes a minute!